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[토플 스피킹 답안 샘플] 내 인생에 영향을 준 인물 02

[토플/토익 스피킹 답안 샘플] 내 인생에 영향을 준 인물 02

라쿤잉글리시 미친너굴입니다. 

오늘은 내 인생에 영향을 준 인물에 관한 스피킹 답안을 살펴보겠습니다. 

토플 스피킹 중에 독립형에 해당하는 문제입니다. 

Personal Preference Question

Describe the the person who has had an influence on your life. Explain why this person has had such an important influence on you. Give specific details and examples to support your explanation.

내 인생에 영향을 준 인물에 대해 말하세요. 왜 그 사람이 당신에게 중요한지에 대해서 설명하세요. 상세한 내용가 예를 포함하세요. 

Of course, my parents has had a big influence on me, but I would say that one other person who's had a big impact on my life is my uncle, for a couple of reasons. First of all, my uncle is very interested in science and history, and when I was young, he often let me borrow a lot of books from his library, and then he talked to me about them. Also, usually on my birthday, my uncle would give me some books related to science, so when I grew up and went to university, I ended up studying biology, and this is probably because of my uncle. Actually, when I was going to university, I lived at my uncle's house, so that was very generous of him. In addition, my uncle is a very hard-working and honest person, so he really set a good example for me when I was growing up.

have an influence on / have an impact on ~에 영향을 주다

be interested in ~에 관심이 있다. 흥미가 있다. 

end up -ing 끝내 ~을 해내다.

빨간 볼드체 - 기본적인 연결어


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