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[토플/토익 스피킹 답안 샘플] 인생에서 중요했던 시점 말하기 01

[토플/토익 스피킹 답안 샘플] 인생에서 중요했던 시점 말하기

라쿤잉글리시 미친너굴입니다. 

오늘은 '인생의 중요했던 시점'에 관한 스피킹 답안을 살펴보겠습니다. 

토플 스피킹 중에 독립형에 해당하는 문제입니다. 

Personal Preference Question

 Describe an important day in your life and explain why it was important to you. Include detail and example to support your explanation.

인생에서 중요했던 날을 서술하시고, 왜 중요했는지 설명하세요. 설명에 대해서 상세한 내용과 예를 포함하세요.  

Actually, I've had a lot of important days in my life, so it's difficult to choose just one.  For example, when I got accepted into university, it was really good day because in my country it's really difficult to get into university, so I was very relieved to learn that I'd gotten in. Also, my parents were really proud of me, so that made me feel very good, too. Uh, also, when I graduated from school four years later, it was also important to me because I'm an engineer, and the program was very challenging, so when I finally got my degree, I was extremely happy. Uh, another important day was I moved out of my parents' house because that was when I became independent, and I think that that's an important part of anyone's life.

It is difficult to ~ 하는 것은 어렵다

get accepted into university / get into university - 대학교에 들어가다

graduate from school 학교를 졸업하다

be proud of + 명사 - 자랑스러워하다.

be challenging - 어렵다, 힘들다.

I think that ~ that 이하를 생각하다.

빨간 볼드체 - 기본적인 연결어


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