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Danny Listened to News & Politics Podcast, but he was so bored because the politicians’s speech was just a bunch of hot air. He was like, “Can I have pizza?” to his girlfriend. She was like, “I like it." The pizza shop is a hop, skip, and a jump from his house. However, he forgot to tutor a student in English in the afternoon. His girlfriend was hot under the collar when he called her. She was in hot water with him when he didn’t say about that in advance. He is usually in a jam like today. 

Jan 7th, 2015

in Toronto

be a bunch of hot air - meaningless

be a hop, skip, and a jump - be very nearby

be hot under the collar - be angry

be in hot water - be in trouble

be in a jam - be a difficult situation

여러분의 '좋아요', '팔로우', '구독', 그리고 '공감'을 기다립니다. 


좋아요 ☞ 공식 페이스북

팔로우 ☞ 트위터

구독 ☞ 네이버 오픈캐스트

블로그 저작권 및 펌 관련 안내                                                            저작권등록 2013 Copyright ⓒ Lina Yu            

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