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[영어 에세이 쓰는 법 기초 05] 접속사, 연결어 총 정리

에세이에 기본적으로 쓰이는 접속사와 연결어들을 총 정리해보겠습니다. 

 연결어 총정리 Summary of Connectors

 아래의 접속사들이 문장 시작에 오면, 다음 문장 앞에 콤마(Comma)를 써야합니다. 그러나 두문장 사이에 접속사가 오면 콤마가 필요없습니다. 

Connector S + V , S + V.

S + V Connector S + V .


Because I was late, the teacher was angry.

the teacher was angry because I was late.

내가 늦어서, 선생님은 화났다. 


Although I did not study, I still I passed the test.

I still I passed the test although I did not study.

나는 공부를 하지 않았지만 그 시험에 통과했다. 

Even though 

Even though I was tired, I continued to study. 

I continued to study even though I was tired.

나는 피곤했지만 공부를 계속했다. 


When I was in elementary school, I enjoyed playing sports.

I enjoyed playing sports when I was in elementary school. 

내가 초등학교때, 나는 운동을 즐겼다. 


While I was studying. I listened to some music.  

I listened to some music while I was studying. 

나는 운동하는 동안, 음악을 듣었다.


After I finished reviewing vocabulary, I did my grammar exercises.

I did my grammar exercises after I finished reviewing vocabulary.

나는 보케블러리 복습을 한 후에 나는 문법공부를 했다.


Before I went to bed, I reviewed all of my new vocabulary.

I reviewed all of my new vocabulary before I went to bed.

나는 잠들기전에, 나는 새 단어를 복습했다.


If you practice everyday and avoid using your native language, your English will definitely improve.

Your English will definitely improve if you practice everyday and avoid using your native language.

매일 연습하고 모국어 사용을 피한다면, 영어는 정말 개선될 것이다.

Even if 

Even if there is a snowstorm, I will still come to school. 

I will still come to school even if there is a snowstorm. 

눈폭풍에도 불구하고, 나는 학교를 여전히 갈꺼다.


Since I came to Canada, my English has improved a lot.

My English has improved a lot since I came to Canada.

캐나다에 온 이후로, 영어가 많이 늘었다. 

아래는 등위 접속사입니다. 이 접속사는 문장 처음에 오지 않고, 그냥 두 문장사이에서 생각을 동등하게 연결해주는 역할을 합니다. 

그래서 이러한 접속사 앞에 콤마를 찍어야합니다. 


She studied very hard, so she got the highest mark in the class. 

그녀는 열심히 일했다 그래서 그는 수업에서 높은 점수를 받았다.


The test was very difficult, but she got a perfect score.

시험은 매우 어려웠다 하지만 그녀는 완벽한 점수를 받았다. 


He didn't feel like studying because he was tired, and he was already familiar with the material, as well.

그녀는 너무 지쳤기 때문에 공부하는 것을 좋아하지 않았고, 그는 벌써 그 자료에 또한 


RaccoonEnglish ! 5

(C) These words connect ideas, but you need to have two sentences. After the first sentence, you need a period. Next, you put the connector. Then, you put a comma. Finally, you put the second sentence:!

Connector !


S V . Connector, S V!


In addition = and !
I enjoy teaming English. In addition, I am interested in learning French. !
In contrast = but!
Japanese food is generally quite mild. In contrast, Korean food is very spicy and salty. !
On the other hand = but!
I realty enjoy my writing class. On the other hand, my grammar class is a little boring.!
Furthermore = and!
In writing class, I am learning lots of useful things such as punctuation and organization. Furthermore, it helps my speaking.!
As a result = so!
She studied hard every day and she never spoke her native language. As a result, she got a very high score on the TOEFL test.!
For example = such as!
There are many things that 1 like about teaming another language. For example, I can communicate with people from other countries.!
Then = And after that!
In the class, the teacher explained some grammar. Then, we did some practice exercises.!


RaccoonEnglish ! 6

Similarly = In addition + for example!
If you exercise every day. your body will become stronger. Similarly, if you study every day, your mind will become stronger.!
Therefore = so !
She is a very good teacher. Therefore, she is popular among students.!


(D) These words are prepositions that connect ideas. If they come at the beginning of the sentence, you should put a comma after them. If they come in the middle of the sentence, you should not use a comma.!

preposition !


because of !

Because of the bad weather, we stayed home. ! We stayed home because of the bad weather! !
Due to !

Due to the cost, I didn’t buy the book.! I didn’t buy the book due to the cost.! !
Despite !

Despite the cold weather, I went jogging. ! I went jogging despite the cold weather.! !
In spite of!

In spite of my cold, I went to work. ! I went to work in spite of my cold.!



During the class, students should turn off the cellphone. ! Students should turn off the cellphone during the class!

RaccoonEnglish ! 7

After !

After dinner, I did my homework. ! I did my homework after dinner. ! !

Before school, I had some breakfast. ! I had some breakfast before school. !


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