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pick up

1) lift - 집어 들다. 들어올리다.
  • I can't pick up my girlfriend because she's too fat.
  • she picked it up because it was ringing.

2) improve (get better) - 개선되다. 나아지다. 좋아지다.
  • The weather picked up after lunch.
  • The movie picked me up.
  • I hope my health picks up soon.

3) buy / purchase n) v) 물건을 사다. 구입하다. 
  • I need to pick up some milk
  • Did you pick anything up when you went to the mall?
  • Thanks for picking me up a coffee.

4) go faster (speed) 속도를 내다. 
  • The train picked up speed.
  • We need to pick up the pace.

5) pick (someone) up (someone 헌팅하다. 
  • you meet someone in public for the first time
  • and you get their phone number or email because you are sexually interested
  • Are you trying to pick me up?
  • I picked up a hot girl at the Supermarket.

6) pick (someone) up (someone) 픽업하다. 데리러가다. 맞긴 물건을 찾다. 
         something      something

= stop for and take with you

  • I picked up my clothes from the dry cleaners.
  • Can you pick me up from school tomorrow?

drop someone off 내려다 주다. 

  • My mother usually drops me off at school in the mooring.
  • Can you drop me off at my friend's house?

7) pick up the tab 가격을 지불하다 

= you accept responsibility for the bill

  • My folks always pick up the tab when we eat out.

8) pick up

= learn knowledge of a language 언어를 배우다. 
  • I picked up a new word today with 8 different meanings
  • I am trying to pick up English.  

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