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  My Haircut

I went for a haircut this morning. I didn’t make an appointment in advance; I just went and waited until it was my turn. After waiting around ten minutes the hairdresser asked me to take a seat next to the sink.

I leaned back in the chair with my head resting on the edge of the sink. The water was just the right temperature; not too hot and not too cold. The hairdresser gently washed my hair with shampoo, it was very relaxing. When she was done she rinsed it off with warm water, dried my hair with a towel and told me to take a seat in an empty hairdresser's chair.

The hairdresser made my put on a large plastic bib so I wouldn't get hair all over my clothes, then she asked me how would I like my hair. Because my hair is already quiet short and I didn't want much cut, I asked her for a trim. She cut my hair with scissors but used clippers, which are a kind of razor, for around my neck. She was quiet chatty and asked me if I had any plans for summer. When she was done she held up a mirror so I could see how the back of my head looked. I told her she had done a good job. Finally she styled my hair with a little bit of wax to give it lift. I always make sure I leave a tip when I pay for my haircut if I am happy with the service.

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